An extensive replacement parts warehouse, 24-hour emergency service and our own fleet of fully equipped service vehicles guarantee trouble-free rig operation and form the basis for lasting customer satisfaction.


With our modernisation and refit solutions, we can adapt Nordmeyer rigs to new technical and economical requirements. This means that your machines can always be state-of-the-art and continue operating effectively, reliably and economically for decades to come.

Our services include:

  • Creating complete rebuilds
  • Overhauling or replacing components
  • Modernising or replacing rig controls
  • Converting rigs to run on the newest diesel
  • Motor technologies to reduce the fresh air requirement
  • SPC refits/modernisation
  • Assessing the steel construction and carrying our repairs where necessary …and much more

Replacement parts

Our top-quality original replacement parts help to reduce the cost of maintenance, cater for trouble-free machine operation and ensure that your machine has a long life and keeps on working for you. 

Thanks to our excellent logistics, all of the original replacement parts are available with a minimum of waiting time wherever you may be in the world – even for older machines.

Our strengths are:

  • Replacement part supply on all continents thanks to our worldwide trade and service partner network 
  • Fast-track processing for urgent repairs with a high service level and direct customer-situation-specific advice from our engineers
  • Established logistics network for fast economic transport times and supply routes

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