The DSB Series Drilling Rigs are our core product. These fully hydraulic, universal drilling rigs can be used for all of the common drilling methods when correspondingly equipped. These rigs – which we design and construct in-house – are custom-manufactured in a building-block approach on the different DSB Series platforms. We can produce individual rigs or small series of rigs. We customise the rigs to precisely meet the demands of your location and situation. The range of possible designs can be as wide as the variety of drilling methods possible with a Nordmeyer rig. With a Nordmeyer drilling rig, you can look forward to many years of reliable service.


Our long company tradition gives us the wealth of experience necessary to build outstanding drilling rigs. Our tradition and principles of craftsmanship guarantee you not only exceptional products and careful manufacturing – they also assure you that we handle the materials and resources we use responsibly.

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